terça-feira, 26 de novembro de 2013

Arte "desaparecida"

Otto Dix. A Domadora. 1922. Aguarela.

Munich Art Trove
In the spring of 2012, an extensive art collection was seized in Munich. Within the context of the subsequent investigative research, the first, time-consuming step of identifying the secured works was carried out.
Apart from the seized objects that clearly bear no relation to so-called 'Degenerate Art' or 'Nazi-Stolen Art', approximately 970 works were and are to be examined. Approximately 380 of these works have been identified as seized works of so-called 'Degenerate Art' that were confiscated by the National Socialists within the context of the so-called "Degenerate Art" campaign of 1937.
With regard to the remaining works, among other things it is to be examined whether these were confiscated due to Nazi persecution (so-called "Nazi-Stolen Art"). Against this background, investigations into approximately 590 works have begun regarding such confiscation due to Nazi persecution.
These investigations have so far revealed reasonable grounds for suspecting that the following objects were confiscated due to Nazi persecution.

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